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Residential Playground

Residential Playground

Learning through Play

The world of play, so crucial in the development of a child from 2 to 10, is the focus of Adams Engineering. We bring our skills in manufacturing large complex playground solutions to your back yard, ensuring high standards of durability and safety.

Our Residential playground equipment offers children fun, challenge, skill, development, interaction, creativity, observation and safety.  With Adams, comes the compromise of true New Zealand quality in design and production.

Climbing Frames [ + More information ]

Junior jungle gym, horizontal ladders, taranaki frames.
All made from galvanised powdercoated tubular steel in a colourful and attractive array of colours.  They can be freestanding and pegged down (pegs are supplied) or installed with concrete.  Most of the climbing frames can have extras added if you wish, for example gym rings, trapeze bars, slides and swings.  We can custom build to your requirements.


Swings/Slide Multi [ + More information ]

Single swing with 1200 slide, double swing with 1200 slide, double swing with 1500 slide.
Multi units need to be concreted into the ground.  A choice of swing seats and slide colours can make a backyard very exciting to any young child. Made from galvanised powder coated tubular steel clamped together means we can design them to fit your play area.


Slides [ + More information ]

Playground slides often attract the attention of older children, as well as the little ones they are intended for.  To ensure your slide keeps its looks under the strain of more robust play, it makes sense to look for a strong construction.  Adams Engineering now offers a plastic moulded slide that can handle the rough play dealt out by larger children.  This heavy duty strength, double-walled slide features extra reinforcing ribs to ensure its durability which makes it suitable for heavy-use environments such as areas around swimming pools.


Swings [ + More information ]

Made to have fun whether swinging from a tree or a swing frame.  We can design swings to be freestanding or concreted into the ground.  Comes in single or double with many different colour choices.  We have two types of seats (belting or infant) and soft finger covering on the chain.


Components  [ + More information ]

Overhead ladder, trapeze bars, gym rings, see saws

These are great to add on to any playground or climbing frames. Kids just love hanging and at the same time they are building upper body strength and hand and eye movements.


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